Saturday, July 31, 2010

These past few days were really... whatever...

Think its just too much for me...these few days, I've haven't been able to set my emotions right and I can't believe I even cried in my sleep and woke up laughing with tears rolling down my checks. Guess its just me...I guess. I do hope I'll get over it as soon as possible...I know you will tell that I would tell me I will but, it won't be easy...I know saying this will hurt you but...this is the forth time I've to mend my heart again...and it won't be easy to mend a broken, broken, broken, broken heart. Its the same as gluing a broken glass again and again but with smaller piece of glass each time it breaks. I'm sorry for saying all this things to hurt you. I'm really really sorry... But at're not avoiding me. Some people treat me like plague and avoided me and the feeling of being shunned doesn't leaves. have things like relationships involved is really...

Think that's all I've gotta say today...


P.S: sorry...

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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well today's just tiring and really, seriously, school's internet can really kill me. Anyway, speaking of patience, I sometime wonder to myself..."Does it benefit me? In what way can it benefit me? What will I get for waiting?" and so on...*sighs* Is it just me or I'm thinking too much? Sometimes its not very good to think too much unless you have a lot of "memory space" in your head. I think I'll go bonkers with all this thoughts in my head. What has become of me...

I think I'm being overly sensitive...ARGH! And this is suppose to be a more cheerful blog page...*bangs wall* Shoutaro Aika stop thinking so much for god sake! Damn! *bangs wall* URGH...what's with me...why am I thinking so much all the time?

Oh come on...what's wrong with me today...everything's all messed up...*emotional roller coaster again*


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A new life...

Hi readers! I'm back and living a new life from now on and I hope it goes well for me ^w^; So I'll give a little intro to the new blog page. I'll try my best to talk about more happy events and stuffs and try not to make my readers worry after reading every post and to my *ahem* Chu...I'll try not to post about things that worry you too much.
Well...will be waiting for you to "stalk" me. I'm looking forward to Saturday and I do hope we know...go for our date and then head down to my cousin's place for the birthday party. Wish to see you on Saturday...


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