Friday, October 8, 2010

Back after soooooooooooo long!

ORE SANJOU MINA SAN!!! Hey everyone...I'm back after sooooooooooooooooo long. Well, more like I'm just being VERY lazy just to update my blog as it is the holidays. Hmm...many things happened during this holiday and I just got my GPA results...1.4 which is, not up to grade and a fail as well. *Depressed* Well, that's wad I get for slacking the whole of semester 1. Well...I better buck up during semester 2. Time to be serious in my studies.

Drawing side...I haven't been drawing at all...I think I should start soon. I hope...
Will be going on a cruise trip next week. wonder what can I do on the cruise for 3 days? Maybe I should spend some quality time myself. Maybe sit in a cafe and lax there to sort of my thoughts and stuff. Try to catch the sunset and sunrise if I can.

This is to a certain someone...

You know...these few days I've been feeling rather quiet and still...I can't forget you. Well, things may seem normal and all and...whenever there's time...I'll try to talk to you. But sometimes...feelings are something which...oh never mind...
No matter how hard I try...I won't be with you...and its just too much for me. I'm sorry to say all this but, keeping all this feeling like this to myself is just...just too much! Well...that's all Ive to say for now...


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