Monday, February 28, 2011

I slept the whole day in lab when I'm suppose to do work -w-;;;

NYA HOO!!! Hey everyone...Sebanyan's BACK >W<
Right lets get down to "business" shall we? Right, basically what I did today was just sleep in the lab after I finished my lunch and coding. So I kinda just slacked the day off like that ^w^;;;
Hmm...I guess that's about it for today. If any of you have random events you wanna talk about, you can write it in my Cbox. I'll post it on my blog for you. That would be all now.

BYE-BEE!!! \>W

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Monday, February 21, 2011

*Just put wadever title you all see fit...*

Ok today was an awesomely BORING day but ended with sugars. Apparently I came to school and I was still half awake and I don wanna do anything at all. That was how I started getting bored. Then after lunch, I becSame a little more energised and I went to "Cheers" and got myself 2 bottles of green tea, which is dangerous cause it'll trigger my "sugar rush mode" and guess wad? IT DID! I went around poking people and just disturbing them as I was a little "high" on sugar ^^;;;

And the last thing I wanna say is...Is it perfectly ok if a person keeps sneezing the entire day? I mean that happened to me that's why I'm asking.

~What a sneeze-able day today is =w=~

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Early morning blues...*sighs*

Sighs...why does it always seem like my everything not in place this year. CCA's not going so well for me...friends turning to strangers...etc etc...its kinda screwed up
till next time everyone
BYE-BEE -W-;;;

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