Sunday, August 29, 2010

Reflection on my 3 weeks holidays...'s the end of the three weeks holidays and I...have done nothing *depressed*
Ahhhhhhhh! I was suppose to do revision on my programing and stuff and end up I didn't do any of em during the 3 weeks. I got this feeling tad I'll not make it for this semester and gotta repeat next year...and to think I even made a promise to graduate together... Looks like promises i make are just empty promises...I could never fulfill my promises. I just don't know why? Why? Why? Why can't I just fulfill my promises? I really hate that about myself. I'm all talk and no action. I don't know what to say anymore...goodbye for now...


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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Had a great day today...Seriously GTF outta my LIFE!!!

It's been awhile everyone...quite a fine day today and it got ruined PARENTS.
Lets start off with this morning with me waking up and wishing Chu a happy birthday though I couldn't get a gift for her. Well at least she's understanding. Then came along DK over to my place for a gaming session for like...6 hours? And school's reopening soon. Man...its really sucks when the holidays are over. Sorry Chu...I'll get you a gift next time kay? ^^;;

YOSH!! Here comes all my ranting...GRR!!!

Sheesh...I can't understand parents these days. For my case...they seriously gotta GTF outta my life... Firstly, wtf is wrong with closing the windows? I mean if I open the windows, insects of all kinds would be coming into my room and I, DO not wish to sleep with these insects. That's my reason to them and what did they tell me? "Don't give me this bullshit! Can't you let the air circulate?" Like f***! They have to control every single part of me AND my room. Who likes sleeping with insects in their room? I don't!

Secondly, what's wrong with spending more than 15 minutes in the bathroom? FYI I've got a whole body to maintain that includes my hair as well. They complain that my hair's too bushy and so on. So I decided to start looking after my hair by conditioning it during each shower and that takes time as well. Then to my face and body. I've got skin conditions and bathing is not a nice thing for me as every time my skin comes into contact with water, it'll hurt my entire body, that includes my face as well. So what they're my parents? They won't know what I'm going through everyday. Who don't want to lead a normal life. I"m born with this skin problems I can't help it but to spend more time in the bath. Wtf is wrong with you(parents) all?

Next, to those out there who thinks I'm having a good are wrong. I'm living in a living hell for 9 years. I've a dad with doesn't know how to use his brain during situations when my mom starts complaning and starts making a rukus out of everything me and my siblings did. Who the hell does she thinks she is? My mother...yeah yeah yeah F*** that! All this relatives thingy is no longer important to me. To me...all of them are just humans in my eyes. Call me heartless or what ever you want. That's how I am now. Living with a brother who fails at everything and can't even think for himself really make me wanna slap some some sense into that pea brain of his. A sister who thinks she the head of some gang really pissed me off each time she picks a fight with me for no apparent reason. A mum who literily piss everyone off in the house with her fail logic and reasoning makes me wanna slap her in the face and shouting "The whole world don't F**ing revolve around you F***er!!!" in her face. And finally, a dad who is always at my mum's mercy. For F*** sake be a man for once! Listening to everything she says...If it were me I'll tell her "F*** that!" A family full of fail everywhere you go in the house really gets me on my nerves F*** this man...!

That will be all for my ranting...for today only...


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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holidays suck when you're at home...

Like the title says...holidays really suck big time when you just spend it at home and with so much nagging going on in the house. And really with an annoying brother in the really doesn't feel like holiday at all...more like hell than happy holidays. Nothing much happened today just the same old thing happening again and again... How nice if there's other worlds out there for me to explore...just going on advantures, making new friends, etc...but what to do...its just fantasy...but fantasy sure is a nice thing.

Guess that's all for today...


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Second week of the holidays...

Ore sanjou! Hi everyone. Its been a while since I last posted. Ah ...the holidays are just boring. Ah just had bread with raspberry ice cream...*bliss* It just makes me smile naturally whenever sweet things go into my mouth but luckily I don go on a sugar rush. If I do...^///^ we'll leave that for now.

Anyway...can't help it but to say I do miss you after not seeing you for some time. Well , sometime I wished I could go out with you like you know...a date maybe...? Hope you can give it some thought as I'm still not giving up on this.

I think that's all I've to say...


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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The holidays have begun...

It's been awhile everyone and the holidays have started...yeah...! Ah...nothing but to enjoy the holidays and DET03's BBQ is coming close. Man...I can't wait for Friday...*excited*

On the other hand...I still got projects to worry about. Damn! How I wish for a smooth sailing holiday for once. Oh yeah...went out yesterday with Ota-chan, cookie and her little sister. Went for my haircut then we headed down to Liang Court for ramen. Then went back to D.G to meet up with Tomo-san and we all headed down to sunshine plaza. And we went there to get our dakikamaru and was stunned when we found out it cost like...$144... Then we just...ah whatever... Bought a poster for cookie and couldn't find the cloud figurine Chu wanted only to find out that they don sell them anymore.

After not seeing cookie and her sister for some time...they really changed over the months. Cookie did slim down a little and her attitude did change too...but she still anti-Korea, a little hard to put up with that part heh heh ^_^; Ebony's really cute these days, gotta admit that I can't stop looking at her from time to time cause she really dresses like the Japanese and she has that "kawai" aura around her. Man I sound like some pervert. Can't help it I'm still a guy and it shows that I'm a NORMAL guy. I guess that's all for today. See you again next time.


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The holidays are coming and I can't wait...hang on a sec...What? PROJECTS!?

Woo Hoo...the holidays are coming in 1 to 2 days time. Finally a break. But just as thought it would be a long relaxing break...PROJECTS! Its no longer a break for me anymore. More like endless hell...Why...!? Just when I'm about to go into holiday mood...projects just have to come in and ruin my mood. This is just not right. I should be resting not doing more work. *sighs* My level of bad luck is many things happened and now BOOM projects...aww come on! Cut me some slack. And next week we're having a BBQ at my place and I hopes everyone turns up. It an occasion where only DET03 can have fun together. Hmm...well i guess that's all for today...nights


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Today...?!

So today is just today I guess. So what have I done today? Well went to school for lessons but ended up not attending and went to the library to do our work. I didn't really do anything but I completed my first page of Shoutaro's profile and I'm really happy that I finally drew something I can accept. Got it posted on D.A and I'll post it up on my blog page. Hmm...what else happened...oh yeah...was supposed to head down to Sunshine Plaza today but postpone it to Saturday as I've class today but the trip got postponed for nothing as I've said earlier I didn't went for class argh...wasted chance. Wanted to get a daikikamura. What can I say...I'm an Otaku. A dakikamura is like ah...*indescribable* I think that's all for today. Nights

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flashmob EVERYDAY and D-Day's coming on Saturday!

Alright! The dance today went really well and it finally comes down to Saturday. Got my dance move right and stuff, fell down today as I got tripped by a girl behind me. Was not hurt though. Anyway, there's no CCA tomorow. NO! Why?! Never mind. Anyway...just can't wait for Saturday to come and I hope I don screw up the my dance steps heh heh. Planned to go out on Saturday with cookie and then head down to my school for the final night! Well I will be meeting cookie chan on Saturday for Ramen and a little shopping with my Otaku friends to get a Daikimakura YEAH! That's all for today night.


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Monday, August 2, 2010

A boring monday...*sighs*

Ah...what a boring Monday to start off the week. Got up and went for piano lessons and came back with an empty stomach. Never mind that. Then started with a little revision and then lunch. Started playing my PS3 after lunch then watched anime. B.R.S was er...ok? But High School Of The Dead was awesome! A little er...just watch it its good! And now I'm stuck with drawing since dinner time *sighs* and then came the chain of bad luck once again. My PSP went dead, then I kicked onto the edge of my cupboard then my PSP charger's not working and my new ear piece spoilt. How bad can my luck be these days?

Yeah! I've just finish another drawing of Shoutaro! Now I know how to draw his hair properly YEAH! Now gotta learn how to draw clothings for him. My scanner's up and going so I'll be able to put my drawings on D.A soon. I'm getting used to drawing the eyes already and it looks like its coming out fine to me as in the face looks normal and all. Well guess that's all for today.


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